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User Agreement (hereinafter "TOS") shall take effect upon expression of your consent to its terms:
  1. Site http://mesoameric.narod.ru (hereinafter the Site) is located on a subdomain, which is part of the domains administered by Yandex (in this case -- www.narod.ru ), so by using the Site, you must adhere to TOS of Narod.Yandex service ( http://narod.yandex.ru/agreement/ ) And TOS of Yandex ( http://rules.yandex.ru/ ). In addition, you must adhere to the following conditions.

  2. You understand and agree that all information and services are provided Ђas isї and that the site is not responsible for any delays, interruptions, deletion or failure of any information.

  3. You agree that you must evaluate on yourТs own all the risks associated with use of information and materials placed in the Site, including an assessment of the reliability, completeness or usefulness of the information and materials.

  4. Any material obtained by you through the Site, you can use at your own risk (unless otherwise specified), you are responsible for any damage which may be caused to your computer and your data as a result of downloading such materials. The Site is not liable for any direct or indirect losses occurred because of the use or inability to use the materials.

  5. You agree not to sell and not to resell, and are not used for any commercial purposes (unless otherwise specified) information placed on the Site.

  6. The Site may contain links to other resources. You acknowledge and agree that the Site is not responsible for the availability of these resources and for their information content, as well as for any consequences arising from the use of information, files and services of these resources.

  7. The Site may use advertisements. You acknowledge and agree that the Site is not responsible for any advertised goods and services by outside organizations.

  8. All claims arising from the use (or inability to use) of information and materials should be sent by e-mail mesoamerica@narod.ru .

  9. The text of this TOS may be changed at any time without notice to User.

Privacy Policy

The principles of confidentiality, explaining how personal information provided by visitors of http://mesoameric.narod.ru (the Site) are treated and collected.
  1. The Site is located on a subdomain, which is part of the domains administered by Yandex (in this case -- www.narod.ru ), so Yandex could obtain information about the User during his tenure on the Site, and which in principle can be correlated with the specific User. Yandex may write cookies to a User's computer and subsequently use them. In doing so, Yandex adhere to the following agreement on the confidentiality of information -- http://rules.yandex.ru/confidential.xml .

  2. The Site may use advertisements. The Site also use services of third-party advertising companies to show ads. These companies may use information (except your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to the Site and other websites in order to provide the most relevant ads. To learn more about these practices and options for exclusion of this information, read, for example, the following links -- http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html, http://www.google.com.ua/intl/ru/privacy.html and http://www.google.com.ua/intl/ru/privacypolicy.html#information (Google), http://rules.yandex.ru/confidential.xml (Yandex). Other companies adhere to the same or a similar policy on confidentiality of information.

  3. The ads on the Site may use cookie-promotional products DoubleClick DART (used by Google). During a visit to the Site and viewing the ads in the UserТs browser the file cookie could be saved. Through data collected from these files, cookie, publishers of advertising companies will be able to improve your ads and more effectively manage them on their own sites and across the network. Cookie DART allows Users to see ads when they visit the Site and other sites on the Internet. Users have the right to renounce the use of files cookie DART; in order to renounce the use of files cookie DART see next page - http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html .

  4. The Site has an option to subscribe to newsletters by e-mail. This service is provided by a third-party service, privacy policy which can be found on the next page - http://subscribe.ru/about/privacy.html .

  5. The text of this Agreement may be amended at any time without notice to User.

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